Many people suffer from anxiety when they know they have to go visit their dentist, or have anxiety immediately when they walk into a dentist’s office. At Bright Star Sapphire Dental, we listen to our patients so we are aware of their past dental experiences, or feelings about visiting the dentist before we see them. We want each patient to feel comfortable and at ease when they visit our office.

We treat all of our patients like family, and make sure our office is an inviting and safe environment for our patients.

How Can You Help My Dental Anxiety?

Our dentists in Fair Lawn, NJ, Dr. Boris Kleyman and Dr. Denada Kleyman, have several ways to help ease your dental anxiety:

  • We encourage all of our patients to meet with us to discuss any fears or concerns they may have before their first visit. We want to make sure our patients are comfortable knowing what to expect, and that we are here to help with anything they need. 
  • We offer music to help relax our patients and distract them from the procedure. We also encourage our patients to give us hand signals if needed during any appointment, so we know all is well. If patients want us to stop, or need a break during a procedure, our staff will make sure to give patients the time they need. 
  • We communicate to our patients throughout each appointment, letting them know what we are doing through each step of the procedure. Doing this helps keep the patient at ease so they know what is happening at all stages. This also helps them to mentally prepare for what is next. 
  • Oral anxiety medications may be recommended to our patients to help them relax during a procedure. These are short acting and can be taken an hour or so before a procedure to keep patients with dental anxiety calm and at ease. 

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Bright Star Sapphire Dental is here to make sure all our patients that have dental anxiety feel calm and comfortable when they enter our office. Our goal is to give our patients an exceptional experience. We strive to give only the best treatment to all of our patients and families.

If you are interested in finding out more about the services we offer, contact Bright Star Sapphire Dental to schedule your appointment.