Silver Diamine Fluoride

What is Silver Diamine Fluoride?
Silver diamine fluoride, commonly referred to as SDF, is a liquid that can be brushed onto a tooth that has a cavity. This simple, quick and noninvasive treatment kills the bacteria that is causing and continuing the decay, preventing dental caries from becoming more extensive. SDF treatment is ideal for children and adults who do not want to have to get a cavity filled. It is especially beneficial on primary (baby) teeth that are going to fall out in a matter of months or years.

Why would Silver Diamine Fluoride be needed?
Many children and adults have a fear of the dentist, and having to get caries lesions filled can cause a significant amount of anxiety. If a cavity is left untreated, the area of decay can and will get larger. To completely halt the spread and progression of decay, silver diamine fluoride can be used. The silver used will kill the bacteria and the fluoride is used to strengthen the tooth. SDF has been approved for use in the dental field by the Food and Drug Administration, so it is completely safe for adults and children.

Who is a candidate for Silver Diamine Fluoride?
The best candidate for treatment is any patient who has an area of tooth decay that they’d rather not have filled. By halting the progression of decay, your oral health is benefited and the surrounding teeth remain untouched. We here at Bright Star Sapphire Dental can determine if you or your child is a good candidate for SDF treatment. With the help of an examination of the area of decay and a review of your dental and medical history, Dr. Boris Kleyman & Dr. Denada Kleyman will decipher if treatment is right for you.

What happens during the Silver Diamine Fluoride process?
The process to apply SDF to the teeth is easy, quick and noninvasive. The first step for Dr. Boris Kleyman & Dr. Denada Kleyman is to clean and dry the tooth that will be treated. We then apply a thin layer of liquid silver diamine fluoride to the area. One of the most common side effects of this treatment is black staining of the tooth surfaces that have been treated. At each subsequent dental visit, we will check the tooth to ensure that the decay has not gotten worse. Silver diamine fluoride is incredibly effective at killing the bacteria that causes dental caries, and it’s a great way to avoid having to get a tooth drilled here at Bright Star Sapphire Dental.

If you think you or your child would benefit from SDF treatment, call Bright Star Sapphire Dental in Fair Lawn today and one of our helpful staff members can further assist you.