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How Long Does Icon Treatment Last?

Many patients undergoing orthodontic care will experience white spot lesions, or WSLs, after having their braces removed. These lesions are often caused by a demineralization of the enamel. Not only can these white spots be detrimental to a patient’s self-esteem, but they can even contribute to early decay and tooth sensitivity. For this reason, treatment

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Can Cavities Be Removed Without Fillings?

In the past, whenever you’ve gotten a cavity, the only option for removing the decay and preventing it from getting worse was with a dental filling. While fillings are still effective and used daily in dental offices worldwide, there are several options for treating cavities before they are allowed to get worse. Understanding what your

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Cavities Caused by Feeders and Bottles

WHAT IS THE CARIES OF THE FEEDER OR BOTTLE? This type of infant caries causes injuries to the temporary teeth of children that can destroy them very quickly. It affects young children and infants, so it is difficult to detect if the child is not taken for regular checkups to the pediatric dentist. How can you tell if

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