Icon Resin

What is Icon Resin?
Icon Resin Infiltration is a revolutionary way to treat the early onset of carious lesions as well as white spot lesions. When a cavity begins to form, demineralization of the tooth occurs, often causing a darkened or white spot to develop. Icon is able to essentially close the small pores of the tooth, preventing the decay from getting worse. Icon infiltration is quick, easy and requires absolutely no drilling or anesthetic. Here at Bright Star Sapphire Dental, Dr. Boris Kleyman & Dr. Denada Kleyman can help in treating the early stages of tooth decay and demineralization.

Why would Icon Resin be needed?
Utilizing a caries infiltrant is one of the best ways to prevent the cariogenic white spots and loss of healthy tooth structure from getting worse. Icon is a noninvasive treatment and works by reinforcing and filling demineralized enamel. This treatment option is ideal for orthodontic patients who have one or more white spot lesions on their teeth or for patients who have the early stages of tooth decay. The micro invasive treatment can prevent the eventual need for a filling or root canal.

Who is a candidate for Icon Resin?
To determine if you or your child is a candidate for Icon treatment, Dr. Boris Kleyman & Dr. Denada Kleyman will perform a comprehensive examination. If the area of decay is deep and extensive, Icon alone will not be enough to repair the tooth. However, if the decay is still in its early stages, Icon is often the best treatment option for our patients. Teeth that are treated with Icon won’t need to be filled or treated in any other way. The enamel defects and enamel lesions are gone in just one short visit, and the results are permanent. There are virtually no side effects to utilizing this treatment.

What happens during Icon Resin treatment?
The first step is to clean and dry the smooth surface of the tooth. We then use a rubber dam to keep the tooth isolated to keep the Icon dry. The Icon system itself is a small syringe-type medication that is applied to the demineralized area. The liquid is allowed to sit on the surface of the tooth for a specified amount of time. After the tooth has been treated, we will light cure the tooth to help in further activating Icon treatment. There is absolutely no drilling or anesthesia involved, and the procedure itself takes just a few minutes in our office here at Bright Star Sapphire Dental.

If you would like to learn more about Icon Resin and how it works, call Bright Star Sapphire Dental in Fair Lawn today to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly staff members.