How Long Does Icon Treatment Last?

Many patients undergoing orthodontic care will experience white spot lesions, or WSLs, after having their braces removed. These lesions are often caused by a demineralization of the enamel. Not only can these white spots be detrimental to a patient’s self-esteem, but they can even contribute to early decay and tooth sensitivity. For this reason, treatment of white spot lesions is important and can be done here at Bright Star Sapphire Dental in a noninvasive, gentle manner.

What is Icon Treatment?

Icon treatment has been used for years to help treat white spot lesions and early signs of decay. The treatment uses a simple etching device that is cured with a bright dental light. In just one visit, the enamel is re-mineralized and the pores of the enamel are closed. This can be helpful in preventing sensitivity as well as further damage and decay to the tooth. There is absolutely no drilling or anesthetic required, so it’s a great solution for children who may not be able to sit for more invasive procedures. Icon is useful when it comes to creating a more beautiful, even-looking smile without the use of whitening products.

How Long Will Treatment Last?

Keep in mind that Icon treatment is not permanent, and future treatments may be needed. For most patients, treatment lasts for roughly two years. However, there are many patients who have had Icon treatment administered and who still have no white spot lesions after five or more years. The amount of time that Icon treatment will last for you or your child depends on many different factors, such as oral hygiene and diet. Foods high in acids tend to break down the enamel quicker than other types of foods, so avoiding fruit juices and acidic foods can help to prevent the white spot lesions from returning.

Is Icon Treatment Worth It?

Unlike many professional and store-bought whitening products, Icon is considered to be a more cost-effective and long-term solution to discoloration of the enamel. With the help of an examination, Dr. Boris Kleyman & Dr. Denada Kleyman can help to determine which treatment option is right for you or your child. You will benefit from Icon treatment because it is minimally invasive and provides long-term results that you can appreciate.

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